Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz / Merlot

The wine has a vibrant colour with a delightful bouquet and rich fruit flavours.
It is aged in new French and American oak barriques.
The wine is drinking well now and also has excellent ageing potential.





Grenache is making a strong revival and ours are the only vines planted in this region.
The wine is bright plum red in colour and has a very attractive dusty nose. Confectionary
and raspberry flavours fill the palate. Grenache is great with pasta, perhaps served chilled
on a hot day.


The Minya Chardonnay is unoaked and shows the delightful and complex fruit flavours
of perfectly ripened chardonnay. The wine is an excellent choice with seafood and
white meats.


Our Gewurztraminer has a fragrant bouquet, aromatic and lovely spice and a clean
lingering finish. A dry wine, it is served best at cellar temperature or lightly chilled.


Very small amounts are released each year using only the best wine produced with an
authentic French mother (culture). The vinegar has a superb tangy flavour and is popular
with restaurants.


Cellar Door Sales

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